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SMS & Call Announcer Pro

2 usd

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out who’s calling you without having to pick-up or glance at your phone? Imagine if you could have your text messages read to you while you’re preoccupied with driving, cycling or some other activity that hinders your ability to read text messages.
Introducing Speaking SMS and Call Announcer – a comprehensive app that lets you focus on more important tasks for when you simply cannot attend your phone. The app acts as your digital assistant, enabling you to simply decide whether or not you want to respond to the incoming call or SMS message. With this app, you’ll never miss an important call or SMS ever again!

Announces caller and SMS sender’s names When you receive a call/SMS from a contact that is saved in your phone book, the app speaks out the caller’s/sender’s name.Announces phone number or speaks unknown If you receive a call/SMS from a number, which is not saved in your contacts, the app calls out the number of the caller or just speaks out ‘unknown’.Reads out received/incoming text messages The app acts as your personal assistant, it reads out your received text messages.Option to setup different speaking pitchesThe application allows you to setup different speaking voice pitches as per your liking.Separate speaking volumes for call and SMS announcerChoose different volumes for the announcement of received calls and text messages.Set number of repetitions for the caller’s name You can setup the number of repetitions for the caller’s name Allow or disallow speaking in silent modeYou have the freedom to allow or disallow the application to read out your received text messages or announce calls in the silent mode.Incoming call and SMS alert optionsYou can either set incoming call/SMS alerts for all callers/senders, only saved contacts or for only unknown callers/senders.Play alert optionWith this application, you can allow the application to read your text messages or announce calls only when the headset is connected.
No alert scheduleYou can specify a particular time period in which you will not receive any alert from the app.Panic Switch to stop incoming call announcementYou just need to flick, shake or place the palm of your hand on the screen of your phone to stop the call announcement.Panic Switch to stop incoming text message readingIf you feel someone is listening to your received message, stop the received SMS reading with just a flick, shake or by placing the palm of your hand on the screen of your smartphone.